Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Trucidos Campaign Begins!

Master Tracto squeezed through the massive Deathwing Terminators guarding the ruined bridge of the Vespillo. His heavy armor boots crunched the broken and burned chiten of the tyranid bodies the Deathwing had tracked down and destroyed. "What have you found, Brother Paganus?" he demanded of his Techmarine. "I want off this hulk now."

Paganus turned from the twitching twisted body of the pilot. "Imperial frigate Vespillo, Sword Class. Came through the Immaterium in the clearing warp storms of Sector IV. They appeared to have discovered a planet there, Trucidos, shielded from us since almost the time of the betrayal. They obviously found more than they bargained for." He prayed over the open skull of the pilot and readjusted his equipment. Drool rolled out of the lolling mouth as images flickered acoss the damaged monitor. Imperial Guard patrols searching ancient ruins of decrepit Imperial buildings. Adeptus Mechanicus examining ancient finds. Imperial Guard falling back before a warrior and chittering hordes of smaller tyranids.

"Tyranid infestation," stated Tracto. "Doesn't seem too far developed. We go in, we clear it."

"I don't believe that's all they found, Master," replied Paganus. "Look in the distance." Paganus prayed silently again, wrenching his tools deeper into the pilots brain as the monitor froze. "'The machine spirit guards the knowledge of the ancients,'" he intoned. Almost unnoticeable against the mountains in the distance stood two tall, black, pyramidal monoliths. "'The machine spirit guards the knowledge of the ancients.'"

Tracto stared at the screen, then gestured off the bridge. "Fine. Clear out, notify the Guard of their failure, then torpedo this infestation." Paganus followed him out, covered careful by the hulking Deathwing terminators. "Notify Commander Othniel. He's going to drop on Trucidos."

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