Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Campaign Rules

The Trucidos Campaign starts December 2008 and will run six months, ending in May 2009. Each player will play one game per month and have the ability to accumulate extra campaign points for building terrain each month, making objective markers and writing a brief story about their game that month. Campaign points will be awards as follows:
  • Monthly Game: 3 campaign pts for a victory, 2 pts for a tie, 1 for a loss.
  • Monthly Terrain: 1 pts for 16 sq in or less of terrain, 2 pts for 144 sq in or less, 3 pts for more.
  • Objective Markers: 1 pt per Objective Marker, up to six total.
  • Monthly Fluff: 1 pt for at least a brief paragraph of fluff about your monthly game that can be posted here.
Victory in your campaign game for one month will (usually) translate to an advantage for you in your game the next month. This will be detailed in the specifics for that month's game. You will receive Veteran Abilities according to the rules on page 263.

The army with the most Campaign Points on June 1st, 2009 will be the Conqueror of Trucidos.

MonthPoints Value
Dec '08500 pts
Jan '09750 pts
Feb '09750 pts
Mar '091000 pts
Apr '091500 pts
May '092000 pts

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