Thursday, December 18, 2008

Transmission intercepted from Hive Mind Klandathu [Trucidos Command] to Klandathu Base.

[Places where translation errors may occur have been bracketed]

The [fleshless man-beings?] that fleet [Klandathu?] encountered on [65874bTrucidos?] have been identified as [Necrontyr?], previously encountered by hive fleet [???] in the [h75 quadrant]. Lacking significant food matter, the beings [serve no purpose/ un-exists?] to the Hive, beyond a distraction in our quest to secure [6587bTrucidos] for subsistence.

The being's [shell-carapace?] makes them [a threat? unpalatable? These words seem interchangable in the Tyranid Lexicon.], as does the fact that they seem to [reincarnate?] instantly. They fire powerful weapons that [de-moleculate?] the Hive symbiotes, which, combined with their unerring accuracy, are capable of destroying an entire brood instantly.

This, coupled with their lack of [nutrient value?], leads to the recommendation that they be [avoided?] when possible.


The Gonk said...

I believe I would translate that last word not as the more concise "avoided," but the literal translation of "destroyed as of no consequence."

Chris Osborn said...

I think you took out far more Tyranids than I took out Necrons. Had we gone one more turn, you would have killed my last warrior, and my entire army would have been reduced to animalist behavior at that point.

The Gonk said...

Yeah, that probably should have been my strategy all along. I only did that once I realized that my one unit was effectively out of the game thanks to the hormagaunts and rippers. I figured my only choice was to attack your HQ and maybe get you to run away.