Thursday, December 25, 2008

Manufactorium Disaster

It was the first field assignment for Captain Darius; newly appointed to command the Cadian 9th Army, 27th regiment, 8th company. Only a fraction of Darius' command was dispatched to secure a ruined production facility on Trucidos. The objective was supposed to be in neutral area. Troops arrived and occupied the ancient facility, then all Hell broke loose. There hadn't been time to place the heavy weapons, the squads were still in the building, what the hell was going on? Sgt Gideon had opened fire. This area was supposed to be devoid of hostile forces. Then it happened, counter fire! Troops went down, Dammit!, there was no time to plan, the haze of the blasted landscape prevented target identification. Where were the Sentinels?, we hadn't requisitioned them for this mission, The Chimera and Leman Russ were similarly absent. The fine red hue hanging ethereally in the mist told us that we had indeed inflicted casualties, but the shattered bodies of James, Harvey, Johnson, ant the others told us that we could not sustain this attrition. Trying to secure the objective was hopeless. “Withdraw”, was the order coming across the Comm link; apparently there were Marines in the area that had encountered resistance. We will regroup and hopefully assist the Marines in the battle.

Corporal Denar
Comms Officer.


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Good explanation for the 'good' guys duking it out too. Well done! And I think that's a wrap for everyone's December fluff too, we're off to a good start!