Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dark Angels January Deployment


Captain Othniel once again returns to Trucidos.


Veteran Sgt. Andronicus returns as well, leading Squad Primus.

Newcomer Veteran Sgt. Methuselah leads Squad Antiquis.

Also new to Trucidos is Scout Captain Winter, and his sniper team.

Scout Sgt. Felix hits dirtside once again with his combat squad.

(equipment listed is in addition to standard wargear and skills per codex entry)

Captain Othniel: Power sword, Plasma pistol, Articifer armor, Hit-an-Run (145 pts)

Tactical Squad Antiquis: x10 marines; Plasma pistol, Flamer (190 pts)

Tactical Squad Primus: x10 marines; Missile Launcher, Plasma gun, Melta bombs (185 pts)

Scout Squad Whitefeather: x5 scouts; sniper rifles, camo cloaks, Scout Capt. Winter* (140 pts)

Scout Squad Felix: x5 scouts; shotguns, Melta bombs, Heavy Bolter (90 pts)

Points total: 750

*Winter is per Scout Sgt. Telion special character rules

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