Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dark Angels February Deployment

Scout Captain Winter had been dirtside on Trucidos since the beginning. He and his hand-picked sniper team had many engagements, but they were fleeting, as the Space Marines constantly stayed on the move. By the time the Dark Angels chapter had fought in two major battles, Winter and his scouts had covered, surveyed, and documented enemy movement / positions in excess of hundreds of miles. It was his team that originally determined the Imperial Guard was indeed Cadian, and not traitor as originally suspected. The past few weeks, Winter has been tracking a strain of Tyranids operating in the area. Patiently stalking the Tyranids, Winter found their lair, marked by towering Mycetic towers. Coordinates were called in to Captain Othniel, who set about immediately organizing a small kill-team. The Dark Angels will move in swift, and lay waste to anything of an unnatural shade that moves.

Having been the winner of month two's game, I was able to gain the campaign perk of being able to choose the scenario in month three. I knew I'd be fighting either Tyranids or Necrons; we only play each opponent twice, and bad luck of the draw meant I fought Ray's Imperial Guard twice in a row. This was a good thing, since we fluffed it out that the 'good guys' probably wouldn't be duking it out anyway. We blamed the "fog of war" for both engagements.

The only other caveat to my army selection is that I don't choose for "maximum" competition, far from it actually. I like to field themed forces, or just neat models that I like the look of. Also, if I had just finished painting a unit or squad, chancing are that they will see tabletop action sooner than later; I'm eager to put them out and see what they can do. This is certainly the case for this month, but with only 750 points for the army, there's not a bunch of wiggle room.

Brother Librarian By-Tor: 150pts

Scout Squad Whitefeather: 140pts
Scout Squad Felix: 90pts
Tactical Squad Primus: 138pts

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad Icarus: 225pts

Total: 743pts

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